Combined Tool Kits
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Combined Tool Kits

Item No. 90900003
Name Combined Tool Kits
Item No. 90900003
MOQ 500 set
Payment Terms L/C;T/T
Delivery Time 45 Days
Package CTN / Customized
Customers Logo Yes
Pcs 155/148/145

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  • Combined Tool Kits


Combined Tool Kits

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Item No.Specification
90 90 00 03 155PCS TOOL KITS (A+B+C)
90 90 00 04 148PCS TOOL KITS (A+D+E)
90 90 00 05 145PCS TOOL KITS (A+C+E)


 90 90 00 03-A.jpg 

14pcs 1/2: socket 14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-27-30-3
12pcs 1/4" *25mm socket: 4-4.5-5.-6-5.5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13
12pcs 1/4""*32mm socket +bit
Hex: 8-6-5-4-3mm Ph: ph1, ph2 Sl: 3-4-5.5-6.5-8mm"
Quick release ratchet handle(with 72 teeth)
4pcs extention bars: 1/4"*50, 1/4"*100, 1/2"*125,
6. 1pc 1/2" adaptor
2pcs spark plug socket: 16mm+21mm
2pcs extention bars 1/4"+1/2"
1pc 1/4" sliding bar
1pc 1/4" sock handle
1pc flexible shafts 1/4"*150mm
1pc adaptor 1/4"*25mm
1pc adaptor 1/4"*25mm
1pc 1/4" t-ratchet handle51pcs Cr-V bits set:
1pc 60mm quick change bit holder
5pcs sl: 3-4-5-6-7mm
5pcs hex: 2-3-4-5-6mm
9pcs torx : t8-t10-t15-t20-t25-t27-t30-t40-t45
8pcs ph: 2*ph0-2*ph1-2*ph2-2*ph3
4pcs pz: pz0- pz1- pz2- pz3- pz4
4pcs y: 1-2-3-4mm
3pcs x: 6-8-10mm
3pcs sl with central hole: 6-8-10mm"
9pcs hexagon socket screw keys
9pcs tx key set: T10-t15-t20-t25-t27-t30-t40-t45-t50


90 90 00 03-B.jpg

1pc 9mm multi -purpose knife

2pcs precision screwdrivers : slot: 3.0*50mm
5pcs GS-approval insulated Screwdrivers: ph1*80,
ph1*80 ph2*100, 0.8*4*100, 1.0*5.5*125, 1.2*6.5*150
1pc GS-approval voltage tester 60mm
10pcs punch and chisel set
1pc machinist's hammer 300g
1pc electrician's scissors


90 90 00 03-C.jpg

1pc hand saw with 2 blades
1pc measure tape 3m*16mm
1pc 8" adjustable wrench
3PCS pliers:
1pc 6" combination pliers;
1pc 6" long nose pliers;
1pc 10" waterpump pliers
1pc precision vernier calipera 0-150x0.05


 90 90 00 03-D.jpg

6PCS Cr-V combination Wrench:
1pc measuring tape : 3m*16mm
1pc 200mm adjustable wrench
1pc 250mm groove joint pliers(gs approval )
1pc 160mm combination pliers(gs approval )
1pc 160mm long nose pliers(gs approval )


90 90 00 03-E.jpg

1pc 9mm utility knife
2PCS precision
Screwdrivers : slooted: 3.0*50mm
Phillips: ph0*50mm
6PCS Cr-V screwdriver (gs approval ):
Slooted: 8.0*150mm, 6.5*100mm, 5.5*75mm
Phillips: ph3*150mm, ph2*100mm, ph1*75mm
1pc voltage tester (gs approval ): 100-250v
1pc 300g mechinist's hammer (gs approval )
1pc electrician's scissors